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Reliance Hospitality empowers the organization and our teams’ ability to execute business priorities through innovative systems and services. This allows our hotel brands to make swift business decisions and respond proactively to the rapidly evolving hospitality market.

Financial Services

Our accounting experts at Reliance Hospitality are proficient at navigating through complex accounting functions while providing timely and transparent reportorial and guidance.

Our full-service accounting platform provides you with the following wide range of functions:

  • Complete accounts payable administration
  • Complete payroll services
  • Sales tax filings
  • Use tax filings
  • Occupancy tax filings
  • Cash management
  • Bank reconciliations
  • Fixed asset management
  • Credit card reconciliations
  • Audit facilitation
  • General ledger reconciliation
  • Complete financial reporting packages
  • Budget assistance
  • Daily management reports
  • Training and support
  • Internal audit administration. 

Through the powerful use of data-driven forecasting, we provide our clients with a clear picture of the hotel’s financial history, forecast projections, and expected cash flow so that you can plan and act in confidence.

Through Reliance Hospitality’s Financial Services, clients can have peace of mind knowing that their financials are reliable, and consistently provided. We provide financial and statistical data in formats that appraisers and lenders desire. This allows clients to make decisions regarding their properties with a much clearer picture and a format that hospitality lending institutions understand. In addition, we will provide quarterly or year-end packages based on the client’s need for their specified CPA for tax purposes. 

It is our responsibility to cooperate with and assist the client’s CPA in the closing process for the year, providing additional data or critique as needed.

Human Resources

People are at the center of the hospitality business. With people at the core of what we do, this brings unprecedented challenges when managing the human capital within the hospitality industry. Reliance Hospitality believes that nurturing our people encourages them to take care of our guests, which translates into increased revenue for our clients. 

We provide complete Human Resources services from recruitment, training, upskill education, recognition programs, and associate benefit management.

Working with our strategic HR partner PayChex, Reliance Hospitality provides a suite of products to our associates for managing their day-to-day needs, as well as driving value for our clients within the associate benefit space. Our human resource team is eligible to participate in benefit plans that are available company-wide and funded through client payroll expenses. 

In addition, Reliance Hospitality believes that a work-life balance is vital to retain the best people and continuously work with us and our clients. Thus, we offer a competitive Paid Time Off program and Paid Holidays. Additional benefits, such as Sick Time, are available in some jurisdictions based on local regulations.

Risk Management

Reliance Hospitality closely works with our clients to ensure that risk is minimized in all areas to reduce the ongoing operational costs of the hotel. This starts with ongoing safety training with our people and conducting documentation to resolve issues seamlessly — all documented and handled appropriately.

On behalf of our clients, we will work to procure all required insurance coverage mandated by both the client’s lender and the franchiser in which the hotel is licensed. The workers’ compensation coverage is provided as part of the payroll services.

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