Maximize your hotel's revenue potential with our comprehensive Commercial Strategy that combines sales, marketing, and revenue management.

At Reliance Hospitality, we’re dedicated to crafting effective commercial strategies that boost your property’s occupancy and drive year-over-year growth in sales and revenue. Our team of sales and marketing experts will work with you to create personalized marketing plans, providing guidance at every stage to help you achieve maximum investment return.

Sales & Marketing

We don’t just rely on the sales and marketing tools provided by the hotel brands we work with – we go above and beyond to provide additional support. Our sales incentive programs are tailored to each salesperson’s individual goals, ensuring everyone is working towards the same objective of increased occupancy and revenue. We also create bespoke annual marketing plans for each property, utilizing our extensive network of key relationships with group meeting planners and corporate travel managers to drive more traffic to your hotel. And to make sure everything is on track, we have weekly calls with our hotels to review the performance of our sales and marketing teams, analyzing data and deploying strategy changes and best practices to keep your hotel ahead of the game.

Revenue Management

At Reliance Hospitality, our revenue managers are dedicated to creating winning strategies that drive profitability and increase market share. We are deeply involved in the Revenue Management process at each of our hotels, taking proactive steps in long-range forecasting, demand generation, dynamic pricing models, and segmentation analysis. With access to best-in-class tools and on-property expertise, we provide guidance and strategy advice to help hotels achieve their market share goals. Working alongside Brand revenue management services, we ensure that the hotel is always optimally positioned for success.

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