Phoenix, Arizona – March 20, 2024 – Reliance Hospitality announces strategic partnership with Hotels & Preference and Tempting Places, bolstering its expertise in hospitality management solutions. As part of this collaboration, Reliance Hospitality will assume the role of exclusive partner for the lucrative markets of Mexico, Canada, and the United States. This alliance unites Reliance Hospitality’s proven expertise in hotel management with the global reach and curated portfolio of these renowned hospitality brands.
Partner Profiles
Hotels & Preference: Headquartered in Paris, France, Hotels & Preference is an upscale hotel chain with over 170 chic and authentic establishments. Rigorously selected for their premium services, these hotels boast more than 10,500 rooms across 19 countries. In 2006, they were awarded the prestigious “Gazelle Award” by Dominique de Villepin, former French Prime Minister.

Tempting Places: Acquired by Hotels & Preference in 2018, Tempting Places is a handpicked collection of over 55 boutique hotels spanning 15 dream destinations across five continents. Discover exceptional service, authentic experiences, and create unforgettable memories at these carefully selected properties.
Combined Strengths, Empowered Hospitality Brands
Independent hotels are poised for a stronger presence in the competitive travel and hospitality market thanks to a strategic alliance between Reliance Hospitality and Hotels & Preference/Tempting Places. By combining their unique strengths, they can offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to empower independent hotels.

“I believe this partnership is a strategic move to allow us to bring the best of European hospitality, robust technology, and revenue-focused services to the North American market,” says Bryan Fish, Chief Executive Officer of Reliance Hospitality. “This partnership adds one more effective and sought-after service to our service offerings, continuing to build our organization into a hospitality service provider for the next generation.”

Reliance Hospitality’s expertise in hotel management will be leveraged to drive operational efficiency, enhance service standards, and optimize profitability for hotels within the Hotels & Preference and Tempting Places portfolios. This alliance will also provide additional support through business process outsourcing, leveraging hospitality sales experience, and improving online visibility for member hotels.

Hotels & Preference will contribute its global reach, reputation for exceptional hospitality, and curated selection of upscale independent hotels. This will provide member hotels with access to new markets, a wider audience, and established best practices in luxury service.

Tempting Places will add its intimate knowledge of unique boutique hotels and discerning travelers. This will allow member hotels to benefit from targeted marketing strategies, specialized guest experiences, and a focus on authentic local flavors. This partnership signifies a commitment to supporting independent hotels and elevating the guest experience in the competitive hospitality landscape.
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